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About us

Gitoon is a curative publishing platform that accepts submissions from anyone but publishes only the best. At Gitoon, we invest into the knowledge and taste of our members, we are giving our audience a real voice.

In 2013 we realized that there is no place on the web for artists to get their work seen, uninterrupted by the clutter of today’s internet. A place that would have the democracy of YouTube, the content quality of NYT and the social integration of BuzzFeed.

We are empowering you to take up the curatorial roles and define what is going to be under the spotlight. You can act as an agent, discovering and sourcing talents from all over the web. The end result is a platform full of excellent content, defined solely by it's community.

We bet you have lots more questions left, To find out how exactly all this works and how to participate - visit our FAQ section or get in touch.