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What is Gitoon?

Gitoon is an online platform allowing emerging artists to get feedback on their works from peers as well as established artists, critics, art collectors and many others. We strongly believe that the opportunities for promising but yet unknown talents to showcase their creations and receive detailed, constructive feedback are very limited. Even the social media doesn’t help: most of the time works remain unnoticed and overlooked. We’re here to change that!

How does it work?

At Gitoon, you can get two types of feedback: community feedback and professional feedback.

Community feedback – or peer-to-peer reviewing – is free and open to anyone. You upload your work which is sent to a panel of peer curators (other artists, art lovers, etc.). Peer curators assess the work by assigning an overall rating to it as well as leaving short comments describing their views and impressions. The best works are then published on Gitoon.

Professional feedback allows an artist to get detailed, focused review of his/her work by an established artist, well-known critique or an art professor. As an example, a professional review for a photograph could be addressing questions about the general idea behind the photo, the angle at which it is shot, the lighting and others. Instead of getting overall remarks on the work, artists receive a very detailed evaluation and can ask the curator specific additional questions. Professional feedback is provided at a fee paid by the artist.

Who can submit the content?

Anyone can submit, but the artist must have the appropriate rights for the content uploaded.

What kind of files can I upload?

We currently support JPEG and PNG. Of course, more is coming!

Who will be judging my content?

In a community review, once you submit your work, it is sent to a panel of peer curators with an interest in your field. They are other artists, art lovers and critics.

When you order a professional review, you do so from a particular person. You will be able to see a description of his interests and areas of knowledge as well as a sample review as an example.

How can I become a Curator?

To learn more about Gitoon Curators and how to become one please go to the Curate section.

How robust is your publishing system?

We have implemented a number of mechanisms within Gitoon that are geared to preventing potential system abuse. However if you think you found a “hole” or a way to protect us better do let us know. Of course, if you suspect cheating is going on, please report it at info@gitoon.com and we will investigate promptly.

Do you have a mobile app?

We are currently hard at work building a convenient and fun app for you. In the meanwhile please use our mobile browser version to access Gitoon through your phone.

How can I report abuse?

Write an email to our support team describing the problem (best to attach some screenshots). We promise to investigate promptly.