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How to request a detailed professional review?

To request a professional review, email a PDF of your work to us at review@gitoon.com. As a title please put "Request review from Mitra Memarzia." You can add specific questions or concerns that you would like the chosen curator to address. Once we confirm that the Master Curator is ready to accept your work for review, we will issue a PayPal invoice to you. At the end you will receive a PDF file with detailed review of your work.

Fee: £30 for a review
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Mitra Memarzia
Master Curator

My work is ideas led and I thrive in new environments. With a strong focus on engagement, I work with a vast variety of media including photography, film, installation, sculpture performance and interactive technology.

I am interested in the construction and representation of of identity and how art can be a vehicle for bringing people together to instigate or affect change.

My main artistic aim is to be a catalyst for inspirational dialogue and exchange through a variety of creative practices and productions. Playfulness is an important part of my overall approach.

Learn more: www.memarzia.org