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Gitoon Master Curators

Tailored and detailed feedback from a specialist in your genre or field to help you develop professionally and creatively.

Master Curators are Acknowledged Arts Professionals:

  • Established artists, photographers and designers
  • Experienced curators
  • Well known art writers and critics
  • Leading arts academicians
  • Art dealers and gallerists

Invaluable Insight & Structured Analysis

Discover how your work is viewed by experienced arts professionals. Get honest, objective feedback on specific questions allowing you to progress further. Some of the questions that could be addressed are:

  • Is your artwork ready for release?
  • How can your work be improved, technically and creatively?
  • What techniques, tips, and tools could your work benefit from?
  • How can you improve specific elements of your painting, such as the colours used?
  • Would a photograph benefit from being taken from a different angle and with slightly changed lighting?

A Unique Chance to Meet Someone Instrumental for Your Future Work and Career Development.

Gitoon artists and Master Curators often realise both are interested in continued communication leading to tangible career opportunities for artists.

If your work is endorsed by a Master Curator, you can publish it on Gitoon if you choose so. Learn more about the review process here.

Meet our Master Curators
(stay tuned as we add new names on a daily basis) 

If you think you have what it takes to be Gitoon Master Curator email us at: info@gitoon.com

How to request a detailed professional review?

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